Brake Press Forming

Break Press services for the manufacturing industry.

Brake Press Forming Services

press brake is a machine used for bending sheet metal and metal plate, most commonly sheet metal. It forms predetermined bends by clamping the workpiece between a matching top tool and bottom die.

Typically, two C-frames form the sides of the press brake, connected to a table at the bottom and on a movable beam at the top. The bottom tool is mounted on the table, with the top tool mounted on the upper beam.

Our press brake is suitable for the production of small batch parts and high-volume production runs.

Quality Management System

Our ISO9001 accredited QMS is supported by dedicated staff utilizing the latest technology in advanced instant measuring systems.

The Keyence 830T allows all first off items to be inspected to a ±1.5 μm accuracy instantly, using a combination of photographic, microscopic and CMM technology, this allows us to a maintain a high standard of quality over large volume production.

Why to choose Ceandess

All manufacturing and supply are carried out by our qualified and highly motivated staff members who have extensive experience and a wealth of knowledge of our products and quality standards.

Ceandess supplies fuel caps for a range of vintage vehicles and offer a wide range of manufacturing services since 1924.

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