Powder Coating

Expert powder coating services.

Powder Coating Services

Powder coating will improve the look of your metalwork, offer protection from the elements, and extend its operational lifespan.  Whether you have a large production run or custom one-off fabrications, you can rely on our commitment to exceeding expectations and our years of experience.  The powder coating that we provide, with recent new guns, is regarded as being of quality standard paint and finishes. 

We can provide a wide range of finishes to your products or ours, including powder coating, chrome plating, zinc plating, galvanising, and chemical blacking.

Our track system can handle single items or hundreds of items. 

Finishes can be in virtually any colour and items for powder coating can be:

  • Up to a maximum of 2100mm in length
  • Maximum of 740mm in width
  • A maximum height of 1400mm

Quality Management System

Our ISO9001 accredited QMS is supported by dedicated staff utilizing the latest technology in advanced instant measuring systems.

The Keyence 830T allows all first off items to be inspected to a ±1.5 μm   accuracy instantly, using a combination of photographic, microscopic and CMM technology, this allows us to a maintain a high standard of quality over large volume production.


Along with the manufacture of our own product range of filler caps and accessories, Ceandess design and manufacture many products to customer specifications and requirements. JCB and Caterpillar are both using our caps and accessories in their new vehicle productions. We work alongside them to ensure all specifications are met to a satisfactory standard. We also produce a product for Garret Motion that goes in their turbo systems on new vehicles.

 To ensure the high quality of our products, several quality checks are carried out on all our products, including the use of our Keyence 830T Instant Measuring System to ensure accuracy and consistency in our processes.

Why to choose Ceandess

All manufacturing and supply are carried out by our qualified and highly motivated staff members who have extensive experience and a wealth of knowledge of our products and quality standards.

Ceandess supplies fuel caps for a range of vintage vehicles and offer a wide range of manufacturing services since 1924.

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